Credit Card Scams, these three words together speak about fake credit card sites cashing in your personal information.

You must have come across many websites and unsolicited emails offering free credit report or a low interest credit cards. It would be advisable that you make a detailed study of such websites before applying for the free credit report or credit cards. Many of such sites do not provide any free credit report or credit cards, they are just there to collect your personal information and lay the trap. You never know they may sell your information to others who may use it to commit fraud, including identity theft.

How to avoid credit card scams?

• If you get an email offering free credit report or credit cards, contact the company who has sent you the email. You can either call them or browse through their web address to know their reliability. Avoid replying or clicking any link in the email address.
• You can verify the company’s telephone number and address. There are many websites like and that can help you in verifying the address and telephone number of the company.
• Pay attention to the area code. Check if it matches the address provided by the company.
• Also look at the company’s web address whether it is the real company address or is it a misspelled version of the address of some legitimate company’s web address.
• Check the email address whether it goes with the company’s email address.
• Also check if the company’s web address redirects you to a different web address. If yes, it common sense avoiding it.
• Do not provide your personal information like PIN ( Personal Identification number), three digit code of your credit card or your passport number to any site just like that. Official sites do not ask for this information.
• It would be advisable that you apply for a free credit report or credit cards only through secure web sites.

A lot of fraud is done in Ottawa real estate so its better to be safe than sorry.

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