Relocating to Ottawa

The Royal Rideau Property Group specializes in helping people relocate to Ottawa. Whether you are coming from Toronto, or from Hong Kong.. we can help. Not only with finding a property, but we can also assist in finding the right financing that traditional banks won’t be able to fund. For example; non residents, non citizens, refugee’s, little or no credit established in Canada. We can even arrange a short term rental for you and your family to stay in, until you have officially moved to your new home.

Thinking of moving to Ottawa? There are many things to consider when making your purchase..


10 Things To Consider When Moving To Ottawa


1. City layout: When moving to the nation’s capital, the general layout of the city is important to keep in mind as it greatly affects the market. There is a lively atmosphere in the core of Ottawa and there are plenty of family friendly suburbs scattered to the east and west, in Kanata, Barrhaven and Orleans. There is also a green belt that runs through the city, meaning there is forested area that is protected by law. Properties closer to the core will be older and more expensive, but require less commute and are great for investors. Suburban homes are generally newer and more affordable, but at the cost of a long commute that may be extra long in the snowy Canadian winters. The city has plenty of country side properties as well as city condos and suburban family homes. With such a wide variety of available properties, Ottawa has what you’re looking for.


2. Growing City: Ottawa is a growing city with constant changes and construction going on. This is important to consider because it means that the area you buy in could be different within a decade. Suburban neighborhoods are being developed and expanded, especially in areas such as Barrhaven and Kanata. In these areas it’s easier and cheaper to find a new home, along with new amenities such as shopping centers, schools and transit. Job creation in this area is on the rise which making homes more in demand, however, which means it’s a good time to buy now In the downtown core, renovations and improvements are going on that boost the value of homes, making it a great city to invest in.


3. Public Transit: Did you know that Ottawa ranks amongst the top 5 for public transit system efficiency? Ottawa has bus routes that extensively serve the entire Ottawa/Gatineau region. With routes constantly adapting to the cities growth and changes, the OC Transpo bus services will surely serve you. Beat the traffic and take the bus! *NEW TO OTTAWA:* A brand new light rail transit system is coming to Ottawa by 2018! This will speed up commuters journey’s and reduce traffic pollution in the city. If you plan on buying a home close to a future LRT station, the value of the home will increase considerably with time, as gas for cars gets more expensive and LRT becomes the preferred method or transit. Homes near LRT stations are appreciating assets that investors should definitely consider.


4. Multicultural Population: Ottawa is a multicultural and diverse city that is home to families from all over the world. It is likely that your new home in Ottawa will have neighbors from different origins, which can influence other aspects of the community in a positive way. There are endless options of ethnic cuisines to suit taste buds from far and wide. A multitude of organizations and clubs represent Ottawa’s diversity and offer the opportunity to get involved or volunteer. Minority groups will soon feel at home in the city that hosts some of the nation’s most diverse populations.


5. Family friendly: Ottawa has one of the lowest recorded crime rates in all of Canada. In addition, family friendly suburban neighborhoods are scattered to the east, west, north and south of the city core, in order to satisfy your location needs while serving your safety concerns. The city has plenty to offer families including bountiful amounts of nature trails, water parks, schools, caregiving centers, camps, recreational centers and organized sports. In addition, plenty of Ottawa homes have recently been transformed into duplexes in order to accommodate elderly parents and other multigenerational living arrangements.


6. Weather: Ottawa is a variable city when it comes to weather… In the summer, Ottawa can get hot sunny days that heat up to temperatures of 30+ degrees Celsius, whereas the icy cold winters can drop as low as -40 degrees Celsius. It is important to consider that the high volume of snow in the winter requires maintenance if you have a drive way or a car, you should account for the increased amount of car traffic as things slow down in the winter. In the summer, proximity to a pool is ideal as it can get unbearably hot some days. These extreme opposite seasons are adjoined by two more moderate, yet distinct seasons. A colorful autumn in which Ottawa offers beautiful sights to accompany nature walks, and a mild spring where the flower buds begin to bloom. Ottawa is a great place to live if you like to take advantage of all 4 seasons. If you’re into sports, there’s a new one for your each season: cross country skiing, tennis, swimming, soccer, snow shoeing, running, boating, sledding, zip-lining; the list goes on!


7. Schools: Ottawa has lots to offer when it comes to education. Ottawa has a public school system which welcomes everyone and offers French immersion programs as well as special needs assistance. There is a separate school board for Catholic students. Ottawa has a wide variety of private schools as well which accommodate other religious views such as Muslim, Christian and Jewish. High school students have opportunities to specialize in their field with unique programs offered at schools like Ashbury, Nepean High School or Canterbury.
**If you have school age children, ask our agents for a free report of Ottawa’s top schools! Plan your home search around the investment of your child’s future, with the help of our team.


8. Nature: Ottawa has a large abundance of green space that exists throughout the city. There is a large Greenbelt in the city, which is protected by the NCC, as well as various hiking trails and biking paths. The TransCanada trail is an awesome place to go on family bike rides, train for a marathon or go on a nature walk. Make sure that when you’re choosing a home near green space that the land is protected, to avoid the potential of moving in next to a future development. Ottawa has a dozen different beaches to explore in the hot summer months and large frozen bodies of water for ice fishing in the winter. Ottawa hosts unique Canadian animals such as beavers, coyotes and Canadian geese. Gatineau park, one of the country’s most stunning natural parks is a mere 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa and offers stunning fall landscapes, bike paths and hiking trails for all levels and energy levels.


9. Suburbs: Suburban homes reach their optimal potential in Ottawa, with the thought out planning of extensive family communities, situated outside of the city center but no where near the isolation of country living. Kanata, Barrhaven and Orleans are popular hubs for suburban communities which feature community necessities close by such as restaurants, shops, schools, services and transit. Each suburb in Ottawa is known for a slightly different living experience, so talk to an agent today and we can find the perfect one for you.


10. Cost of living: Ottawa is a developing modern city, and as Canada’s capital region, naturally the cost of living is not cheap. It is important to note the expenses you will encounter before moving to a new city, so we recommend you check out the following link:



If Ottawa sounds like a place for you and your family, contact us today and we will guide you through the entire process from A-Z.